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In only 16 days I will be flying to Tenerife!!!! Yesssss! So happy! My basic plan is to be all day long at the beach relaxed with a Pina Colada….


If your our plan is similar to mine I’ll share the basics you shouldn’t forget to look chic but comfortable at the same time! Don’t forget to protect your eyes and skin…. so here we go!!! Enjoy!!


1. Sarong: a very comfortable piece that makes you look chic! Very versatile to use during the day! But if you ad a bit of spice it could also work as a nice look for a dinner out! Try to buy a one with neutral colour like black or white so you don’t have to take so many stuff!

2. Sandals: basic piece when going to the beach! You could buy them in brown or black so they could be used with almost any piece of your luggage…

3. Sunglasses: very important piece to protect your eyes from the sun! But let’s be honest we love how they look on us! I love the oversized sunglasses… but that’s you choice basically depending on your type of face! Don’t forget them!

4. Accessories: wood earrings and bracelets just seems to fit perfect when you go to the beach! They give you this chic and casual beach look! Ahhhh and don’t forget the foot ankle bracelet it’s so sexy…

5. Bikini: any colour would do fine! Just take into your account your body shape before choosing one, pear or apple shape their is a bikini for you…. It worth reading this article: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/fashion/shopping/swimwear-to-suit-body-shape-7#fbIndex7

6. Hat: this is a piece with double purpose! You look nice and fashion while protecting your skin…

7. Sun protector: I’m sure you don’t like wrinkles… so then don’t leave your sun protector! it worth reading this article from NHS ; )


Other basics that you take to your holidays in the beach?! Please feel free to share them! ! See you in my next post…. : )